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Hi, I'm Austin Lee 

About Me

Austin possesses specialized expertise in the financial sector, with a dual focus on Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence. He is currently managing a tokenized digital asset fund for BDE Digital as well as consulting for various companies in the DeFi sector such as WorldCoin. 

Before embracing blockchain technology, Austin was Vice President of Fraud Data Science at Bank of America. He catalyzed $60M in cost savings by conceiving and deploying a graph AI database system for fraud detection. After this success, Austin was tapped to lead an $11.1M infrastructure project that scaled artificial intelligence applications across Bank of America’s consumer banking sector.

Before his transformative role at Bank of America, Austin was a ubiquitous figure in the financial sector, contributing his expertise to TD Bank, UBS, Discover, and US Bank through various roles in AI and Data Science.

Educationally, Austin has an MS in Information Systems from Indiana University and a BS in Business with a major in Business Economics and Public Policy.

Who I've worked with

My Specialities

Financial Technology Innovation

Blockchain Technology


Digital Asset Infra

Unlock the future of finance with blockchain technology. Dramatically reduce operational costs and unlock untapped liquidity sources. This cutting-edge approach streamlines transactions and fosters unprecedented transparency and security, paving the way for a more efficient and trustworthy financial ecosystem.

Artificial Intelligence

Model Development

AI Infrstrastructure

Maximize the potential of AI within your existing infrastructure, or allow me to guide you towards an optimized environment where your data can be seamlessly integrated and leveraged through advanced AI solutions.

Graph Database AI

Fraud Prevention

ML Detection

Employ cutting-edge graph database algorithms to revolutionize your approach to fraud prevention and anti-money laundering efforts. Delve deep into complex data relationships, uncovering hidden patterns and connections that traditional methods may overlook, thus offering a more robust and proactive defense against financial crimes.

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